La Clinica Anti Ageing Hydra Restore Mask Kit-Pk10

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A hot oil infusion mask treatment that contains a powerful combination of richly hydrating oils, vitamins and actives. Use to instantly revitalise and restore a healthy appearance to dehydrated, dry, lifeless and flaky skin. This is a natural, non-irritating, paraffin-free “oil to wax” hot facial mask.

(The waxes are plant derived and compatible with skin.)

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(60 mins)

PURPOSE – A beautiful, hot oil infusion mask treatment to replenish hydration and soften skin.

This luxurious treatment leaves skin looking younger, healthier, radiant, feeling softer and smooth.

WHAT SKIN CONDITIONS? - For skin with an impaired barrier function. Helps eradicate signs of dehydration, dryness, flakiness and wrinkles.

A “must-do” skin maintenance facial to have between such treatments as chemical skin peels. Perfect pampering facial treatment for all ages.

You will need -

ANTI AGEING Beautiful Skin Cleansing Oil (Code A01A)

SENSITIVE SKIN Dermatological Facial Cleanser (Code BSS1)

Rose Water Facial Mist (Code 2L1AB)

ANTI AGEING Fruit Enzymes Exfoliating Scrub & Mask (Code BA6)

FIRMING LIFT Caviar & Pearl Peptide Repair Serum (Code 8A1)

Facial Massage Cream (Code B12S1)

FIRMING LIFT Caviar & Pearl Eye Mask (Code BFLE)

HYDRA RESTORE Hot Oil Mask Treatment Pack (Code BAA1)

FIRMING LIFT Caviar & Pearl Repair Moisture Cream (Code 8A3)

FIRMING LIFT Caviar & Pearl Repair Eye Cream (Code 8A4)

LA CLINICA facial cloths (Code ANFC2)

Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil, Soy Oil, Jojoba Oil, D Alpha Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E), Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C), Essential Oils of Myrrh and Rosewood.


La Clinica For Skin and Body prides itself on its innovation and thus the ingredients listed here may differ from the packaging depending on the time and region of purchase. 


ROSE HIP OIL -  High in Vitamin C, which is an important anti-oxidant. Rosehip Oil adds hydration, nourishment and vitality to all skin types. It is reputed to have healing and restorative properties, making it ideal for burns, scars and slow healing wounds.

D ALPHA TOCOPHEROL ACETATE (Vitamin E) - Anti inflammatory. Integral part of skin’s anti-oxidant defences. Vitamin E helps maintain healthy skin cells and is an ideal anti ageing ingredient. It is an anti-oxidant that helps restore the skin’s appearance, ideal for sufferers of scars, stretch marks, photo-ageing, deep wrinkles and rough patches. It has proven protective properties, providing skin with benefits including protection from UV damage, strengthening the skin’s barrier function and reducing moisture loss.

JOJOBA OIL -  is chemically very similar to human sebum. This is an ideal ingredient for ageing skin that has slowed down in its own production of oils and ability to maintain skin hydration. Jojoba oil also aids in the healing process.

SHEA BUTTER -  is known especially for its cosmetic properties as a moisturiser and emollient. It is also a known anti-inflammatory agent. Shea butter is effective at treating the following conditions: fading scars, eczema, burns, rashes, acne, severely dry skin, blemishes, dark spots, skin discolorations, chapped lips, stretchmarks, wrinkles and in lessening the irritation of psoriasis[citation needed]. Shea butter provides natural UV sun protection. Shea butter absorbs rapidly into the skin without leaving a greasy feeling.