La Clinica Age Reversal Potent Vitamin A Peel

  • Code: 203287

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Clinical high strength skin treatment peel.
Professional Use Only.

There may be side-effects with this retinol peel including redness, itchy skin, peeling and sensitivity. These side effects can last 3-4 weeks after application.  

Suitable for skin that is in need of deep exfoliation for the improvement of skin’s appearance including lines, scars, pigmentation, surface dryness and dehydration.

Code Description Unit
203287 La Clinica Age Reversal Potent Vitamin A Peel EACH Add to quote

Apply onto cleansed, dry skin during a LA CLINICA skin treatment. Avoid eye and lip areas.


Do not leave on skin for more than 5 minutes.


Rinse off thoroughly using lukewarm water and LA CLINICA facial cloths. Follow with facial oil and moisturiser. 

DO NOT exceed one application per week.

• Sun burn, couperose and overly sensitive skin conditions 
• Skin that has recently received laser / IPL treatment (client to consult a doctor first) 
• Moles, lesions, wounds, weeping sores, cold sores 
• Current use of roaccutane or other isotretinoin drugs (must have ceased using minimum of 6 months) 
• Current use of topical steroidal drugs / cortisone (must have ceased using minimum of 6 months) 
• Breast feeding 
• Pregnancy 
• Cancer 
• Anyone under the age of 16 
• If unsure, the client should consult his / her doctor.