PRP Dual Digital Centrifuge Horizontal

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Duel Centrifuge that can take both 11ml and 22ml PRP Tubes


The Model 642VES Fixed-Angle Centrifuge provides the flexibility and performance that clinical laboratories require. The performance of the 642VES Fixed-Angle Centrifuge maximizes sample integrity by keeping patient samples cool during centrifugation. Programmable force (from 250 xg to 1,600 xg) and time settings are simple to use as a digital readout clearly displays the RPM and time settings. The universal power supply and global safety approvals allow the 642VES Fixed-Angle Centrifuge to meet all your global needs.


With its small footprint and moderate price, this centrifuge is ideal for Urine Sedimentation, Platelet Rich Plasma, and other Specialty Applications. Due to the limitations of fixed-angle centrifugation, however, the 642VES Fixed-Angle Centrifuge should only be used for blood separation when centrifuged specimens are not being transported to another site for analysis. Fixed-angle centrifuges produce gel layers that may be susceptible to rupture during transport. These damaged samples cannot be used without an additional centrifugation step; yet, the CLSI recommends against re-centrifugation for its known negative effects on analytical results. 

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