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We established the USL Aesthetics division to bring the very latest and best aesthetic products to the New Zealand market. Bringing innovative top of the line products and services to Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Aesthetic Clinics.

We strive to grow our business by continually searching for the very best products – partnering with our customers and providing solutions to meet the needs of the ever-changing market of aesthetics.

The USL Aesthetics product range of consumables and capital equipment items includes: breast implants, fillers, bras, lasers, body sculpting and tattoo removal. We only purchase the latest and best products from established manufacturers from around the world and our aim is to continually add new products in line with our customers’ requests and needs.

At USL keeping our customers happy is at the centre of everything we do and we are widely recognised across the industry for our customer service standards. The USL Aesthetics team has a comprehensive knowledge of all equipment and consumables and are ready to educate and train your personnel to get the most out of our products. Furthermore, we have highly skilled Service Technicians who are ready to install, service and repair all equipment. This includes lasers as well as other servicing and preventative maintenance requirements.

When you buy from USL Aesthetics, you can be assured that you will receive quality products with outstanding after sales and service support. Click here to find out more about what USL Aesthetics can do for your practice.

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Peter Gardner

Business Unit Manager USL Aesthetics

Meet the USL Aesthetics Team

If you don’t already know them, we’d like to introduce you to the key contacts in the team.
They’re here to help you with any enquiries you have on our range of consumables and equipment.

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“We understand our customers are busy people, which is why we are happy to visit them at a time and location which suits their schedules. My job is to build lasting relationships, provide excellent products and exceptional service with the aim of never letting our customers down.”

Jonathan Cresswell

Brand Manager Consultant

USL Aesthetics